"This historical fiction novel is a captivating read from start to finish. ... This is a well-written, compelling story that will have readers laughing out loud, empathizing with Pearl, and longing to know the true story of Silverheels."--Library Media Connection, January/February 2015 STARRED REVIEW

“Pearl’s lively narration reveals her transformation from an old-fashioned, romantic girl into a spirited, courageous champion. Mobley uses the legend of Silverheels to effectively “raise questions about the traditional roles of women and their sources of strength,” as she writes in her author’s note, against the backdrop of wartime Colorado.
An engrossing, plausible story of several unlikely feminist heroines with a touch of romance and intrigue.”--Kirkus Reviews, July 1, 2014
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Readers follow Pearl in her quest to learn the truth about the dancer nicknamed Silverheels, and they see her shed her complacence for a determination to do right, no matter the cost. Mobley uses the microcosm of Como to echo the broader issues of the day—women's suffrage, the Great War, prejudice, and class divisions—yet she doesn't overwhelm readers or the town with these themes."-- School Library Journal, September 2014

"While the story highlights several societal issues of the era, Pearl’s narrative includes them not as abstract ideas but as specific events rocking her small but gradually broadening world. From the author of Katerina’s Wish (2012), here’s another historical novel with a distinctive voice and an unusual setting." --Booklist, October 2014

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