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Pearl spends the summers helping run the family café and entertaining tourists with the legend of Silverheels, a beautiful dancer who nursed miners through a smallpox epidemic in 1861 and then mysteriously disappeared.

Pearl believes the tale is true, but she is mocked by Josie, a suffragist who thinks Silverheels was a crook, not a savior. She challenges Pearl to a bet: prove that Silverheels was the kindhearted angel of legend, or help Josie pass out the suffragist pamphlets that drive away the tourists. Not to mention driving away handsome George Crawford.

As Pearl looks for the truth, darker forces are at work in her small town. The United States’s entry into World War I casts suspicion on German immigrants, and anyone who criticizes the president during wartime—including Josie. How do you choose what’s right when it could cost you everything you have?


  • 2015 Amelia Bloomer Project List
  • 2015 Colorado Book Award Winner
  • 2015 WILLA Award Winner

“An engrossing, plausible story of several unlikely feminist heroines with a touch of romance and intrigue. “--Kirkus Reviews

* "A captivating read from start to finish." --Library Media Connection *STARRED

"From the author of Katerina’s Wish (2012), here’s another historical novel with a distinctive voice and an unusual setting." --Booklist, October 2014

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