Want to Know All My Secrets???

I’ve been busy in the blogosphere, with a variety of interviews since the release of Katerina’s Wish. Here are a few places you can find me, and learn a bit about me, my process, and my most neurotic tendencies.

Bibliolinks, a blog for school librarians and teachers, in which I discuss how Katerina’s Wish is useful in the classroom

Luck13s Blog, in which I talk about the origins of my story and my research process

Banana Peelin’, in which I talk about the hard parts of becoming a writer and how I got through them gracelessly

A Writer’s Notepad, where I discuss writing historical fiction

Creative Spaces took a peek at my writing space and routine

Read, Write, Repeat, where I reflect on writing Katerina’s Wish

A Totally Random Romp, in which I write about balancing multiple careers as a writer and archaeologist

Kissing the Earth, a reflection on landscape and the way it holds stories

Faith Elizabeth Hough invited me to talk about characters, and toilets

Barbara Ann Watson had a few questions about the backstory of Katerina’s Wish

Be Someone’s Hero. No Cape Required invited me to reflect on readers and writers as heroes.

Friday the Thirteeners DARED me to dress as a chicken and read my book in a funny accent. Juvenile, I know, but there you have it.

The Children’s Book Review, in which I reveal my secret desire to be a bear of very little brain.