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I am a writer with eclectic taste. Whether it is books, music, food, or art, I seem to like all kinds of things and never limit myself to one variety of anything.When it comes to my writing, I’m the same way--I have written humor, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, fantasy. Right now I am focusing on historical fiction, but who knows what I may be writing in the near future. Maybe it will be humorous historical fiction with a fantastical yet contemporary twist. After all, why limit myself.

When I am not being a writer, I am an archaeologist and a college professor.
I have worked on archaeological sites from North Dakota to El Salvador, but I specialize in the archaeology of the American Southwest and the prehistoric cultures around Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado.

I have lived most of my life in Colorado, but have ventured out of its boundaries on numerous occasions, some adventurous and others mundane. I love the mountains, the forests, the quiet of the country side. I love, too, to think about the extraordinary nature of ordinary lives.

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Whether it is the ruins of Mesa Verde or the remains of gold miner’s cabins, Colorado is full of reminders of those who came before. Though the people of the past are now silent, their stories come to me in the things they left behind. This is what drew me to both my callings, as an archaeologist, exploring the past through science, and as a writer, giving voice to the fullness of life’s experiences.

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