It’s Caterday. Time to play.

Something about the fall is making my cats go a little nuts. Maybe it’s the cooling weather. Maybe it’s the fact that night is expanding in the world, and they are creatures of the night. Maybe they are just a little nuts.

Whatever it is, they are running randomly around the house, attacking things (shoes, tennis balls, the dog, each other.)catfight

As I watch them, I realize they are taking play seriously. This is something I don’t really do enough.

It is something I need to do more in my life and my writing.Because I’m feeling desperate for growth right now, and one thing I used to do when I was growing, was play. A lot. But then I got all grown up, and I put away both growing and playing a little too much, I think.

So today, I’m going to go sit in the sun and write something silly and joyful. Maybe I will share it with you. Maybe I won’t. But I’m going to commit to making it fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll run around the house, throw myself down on the living room floor and attack a tennis ball. Or maybe I’ll go for a walk and enjoy the fall color. But I’m going to commit to more play.

So, I’m off. And I hope you are playing too.


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