October is here, Halloween BookTrail is coming!


Ah, October!


I love the leaves changing, the nights getting cool, the first snow on the high peaks to the west.

I love the smell of the air in the morning, and the haze of frost on the lawn.

autumnpondI love the way the light plays across the surface of the world, more golden and sharp, like it, too, is drinking up the beauty of this last hurrah before the cold sets in and the world grows dreary.

Every year, October means harvest festivals, corn mazes, and pumpkin carvings.averypumpkins

Of course, October has its scary side too. Let’s not forget about all the ghosts, goblins, demons and monsters.


The things that jump out of no where and try to grab you.


And the fact that the creepy crawlies of summer have, by now, gotten really big and are starting to turn monstrous–like this October grasshopper, encountered on an October hike.


Let’s face it, October is a month designed to change everything–the world, your sense of reality. It’s beautiful and scary and joyful and creepy, all wrapped into one bright, colorful, dark, spooky package.

And what’s not to love about that, right?

But this year, October is about to do you one better. Because this year, October is going to include the


In case you thought you were too old to trick or treat, think again!  From October 27th through November 1st, a whole bunch of middle grade and young adult authors are going to give you the chance to go door to door among our blogs and get all kinds of treats!

You can learn about us and about our books! Find out our deep, dark, weird secrets, earn the chance to WIN WONDERFUL PRIZES!!!!  You can check out the wonderful prizes for every path right here!  There will be several paths through the deep dark forests of our souls. Or, um, through our blogs. I will be participating in the OFF THE BEATEN TRACK path. Scary, right? HBT14--Off-the-beaten-path

It’s gonna be fun, and you don’t even have to dress up to participate. But, if you want to you can. We’re not the type to judge.

So keep your eyes open. It’s coming!!!

*queue creepy music crescendo here.*

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