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It’s Caterday. Time to play.

Something about the fall is making my cats go a little nuts. Maybe it’s the cooling weather. Maybe it’s the fact that night is expanding in the world, and they are creatures of the night. Maybe they are just a little nuts.

Whatever it is, they are running randomly around the house, attacking things (shoes, tennis balls, the dog, each other.)catfight

As I watch them, I realize they are taking play seriously. This is something I don’t really do enough.

It is something I need to do more in my life and my writing.Because I’m feeling desperate for growth right now, and one thing I used to do when I was growing, was play. A lot. But then I got all grown up, and I put away both growing and playing a little too much, I think.

So today, I’m going to go sit in the sun and write something silly and joyful. Maybe I will share it with you. Maybe I won’t. But I’m going to commit to making it fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll run around the house, throw myself down on the living room floor and attack a tennis ball. Or maybe I’ll go for a walk and enjoy the fall color. But I’m going to commit to more play.

So, I’m off. And I hope you are playing too.


Some thoughts on the sophomore novel

Four years ago, when I was first offered a book deal on my first novel, I started a debut author blog, EMU’s Debuts, with a group of friends. I’m proud to say that blog is still going, now on its fourth or fifth generation of debut authors!

Today, they invited me back to talk about the sophomore book experience. I’m sorry to have to say, I haven’t weathered it gracefully. But you can read more about that over at EMU’s Debuts.

Well, it had to happen eventually

My blog has been disabled for some time now, due to changes in my website, laziness, technical difficulties, laziness, and cats. But that’s all about to change.

Of course, the cats had to come into it. I’m on the sofa writing this right now, and this is the view immediately to my left.


The thing is, it doesn’t much matter where, or what, or when I’m writing, it seems that there are always cats on hand.

This isn’t entirely my fault. Well, okay. Yes it is. See, I have this little problem. Actually, I have two problems, but they sort of connect.

TwoCoversOne is that I’m a writer. This may not seem like a problem, if you don’t know many writers. If you are among those with a romanticized view of the profession, in which you believe that writers write books that make them rich and famous and allow them to live a life of luxury and leisure.

The truth is, writing is hard work. Hard work that takes empathy, sensitivity, and a hide as tough as old sun-dried leather. It’s not an easy calling, but it is a calling none the less, and I have fallen victim to the siren song, for better or worse.

I have also fallen victim to cats.

It all goes back to the empathy thing. That and a visit to the humane society website that showed a sweet old lady of a cat that had been there for a year, unloved and unadopted. And also,  a sickly stray left at my son’s apartment.  And to a distinct inability to wisely say “not my problem” and walk away.

And so here I am, surrounded by cats. Four cats. Or possibly three cats and a demon.

The real tragedy of the whole situation is that, in addition to being hairy little freeloaders,  my cats have acquired a fan following on social media at least as big as my own (and possibly bigger). It therefore seems in my best interest to include them on this blog. After all, I may not be interesting enough to lure you all in on my own. And I certainly don’t have enough to say about myself to keep this entertaining. So, I will be exploiting my cats for your entertainment. But don’t worry. They will get their revenge. They are, after all, cats. Except for the one who might not be.

Allow me to introduce you:

Demon Cat (We  call him a “cat” to humor him, but we all know where he really came from)


The Dowager Empress (a Russian Blue who may or may not be of Romanov lineage, but is most certainly of Romanov attitude)


Little Sister (who prefers not to be touched or posted on blogs that in no way concern her, as she is above all that)IMG_0365

and Princess Creampuff (Don’t kid yourself–that isn’t sweet. That’s a tiny little pitbull in cat’s clothing).




small seatedAnd of course, there’s me. Jeannie Mobley. Author of Katerina’s Wish and Searching for Silverheels. Only a couple of tabbies short of  a Crazy Cat Lady diagnosis. And I’ll be updating you about writing, and cats, and writing with cats from time to time right here. On this blog.

Right after I serve up the Fancy Feast.